Xeriscaping Landscapes

If you moved to Flagstaff from the East or Midwest, you may have noticed scarcity of sodded grass lawns. Here in Arizona, we've got a serious water shortage. Creative, responsible landscape designs are our contribution to the solution.

Flagstaff XeriscapingWater conservation through efficient irrigation systems and growing native and other low-water plants is an Arizona-friendly green idea whose time has come. Integrating Xeriscaping into your landscape plan in a way that is beautiful and low maintenance gives you more time for enjoying your personal slice of nature and more money in your pocket when you pay your water bill.

In Arizona, more than 50% of residential water use is applied to traditional landscapes and lawns. Water use can be cut by approximately 50% through xeriscaping. You can save 25% to 50% on your water bills by using colorful plants that are hearty and suited for our arid climate.

Our unique designs of outdoor kitchens, dining areas, patios, gazebos, bridges, raised bed, etc. are adorned with a variety of botanical delights that meet the standards of xeriscaping and are pleasing to the eye.

If you would love a soft, clean green patch of lawn for the kids and dogs to frolic on, or if you'd like your own personal place to practice your short game, we've teamed up with Arizona Luxury Lawns to offer you the best selection of artificial turf for a wide variety of applications. It's colorful and free of harmful chemicals, pesticides and allergens. It's good for your indoor environment as well. Say goodbye to dirt and mud tracked into your house. Arizona Luxury Lawns offers the highest quality product available for the extreme climates of Arizona.