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Rob Elliott and his father Richard Elliott have been excavating and landscaping in Northern Arizona since 1967. They are experts regarding the challenges of the rocky soil, microclimates and our extreme seasonal weather fluctuations on excavation and planting choices

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Above 6000 feet, suitable landscape plants are quite different from those for low elevation desert. Plant hardiness, ability to survive low levels of precipitation in May and June, strong drying winds in spring, and wide fluctuations in temperature in winter months are just some of the important factors we consider when developing a landscaping plan.

Your property may have many different microclimates, which means you can expand the range of plants that can thrive on your property. Some borderline hardy plants may fail if planted in an unprotected location, but may thrive in a sheltered one. Southern exposure may be too harsh for some plants, but may provide a life sustaining benefit for others.

There is a lot to know about planting and gardening successfully in Northern Arizona. We confer with the expert botanical professionals at Viola's Flower Garden on all our planting projects to make sure you'll enjoy the best planting options for your property's conditions.

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