Rain Water Collection

Flagstaff Xeriscaping

Its no secret that water is an ongoing issue, here in Arizona. Responsible water use is one of the most important things we can do for the future of our state. Using this precious resource carefully can help alleviate the future need for an alternative water source.

Rain water collection is a cost-effective option to collect and utilize rain water for landscaping, gardening, irrigation and other domestic uses, including household uses. Our rainwater collection systems employ a filtration system to generate potable water from the rain water it retains.

Using this xeriscaping system, you can reduce your water bill and environmental impact at the same time.

Each of our rain water collection tanks can hold the amount of water that suits your needs. Typically, we install 10,000 gallon 20,000 gallon tanks. Well do everything to get you started with your new system, from installation to plumbing.

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